The story of the NNZ Tulipa

In order to bloom, you must grow!

Reshaping packaging, true co-operation and customised solutions form the golden circle in our story. Because it is our 100th anniversary, we like to offer you this tulip as a token of appreciation for our partnership. From the beginning, NNZ have been associated with the agricultural market; the world famous ‘Dutch Tulip’ bulb is also packed in our materials. When you think of the Netherlands, you think of tulips.

In order to bloom, you first must grow… The NNZ Tulip symbolises important values for us, such as innovation, enterprise and successful collaboration. In the same way that it takes time for a tulip to grow from bulb to a beautiful flower, NNZ has grown from its humble beginnings into a vibrant international company. This success is due to the close collaboration with all our past and present employees and business relations.

Plant the bulbs and enjoy the splendour of the colours and all the positive associations with the colour purple: Royal – Promise – Devotion – Tranquillity – Dignity – Elegance – Cheerful – Long-term Co-operation – Attention– Love – Respect.



As an independent advisor, NNZ has the unique combination of accumulated knowledge, expertise, skills, experience, drive and innovative capacity to lead the way in the development of sustainable packaging solutions. We cherish innovation. It took exactly 10 years of time, attention and energy to cultivate the NNZ Tulip. It was officially introduced as a new tulip variety on 24 May 2016.

With only about six varieties, purple tulips are much rarer than yellow or red varieties. The visual characteristics of our NNZ Tulipa:

  • height of 45 cm
  • flower length 6 cm
  • colour is dark violet (79A) at the centre and dark violet (N79B) at the edges
DSC0129 DSC0098 DSC9849 DSC0034

In order to bloom you must grow!

2021 Collega’s In Pand Libau (21)
From the beginning, NNZ have been associated with the agricultural market; and the world-famous ‘Dutch Tulip’ trade also uses our packaging. When you think of the Netherlands, you think of tulips.

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