Plastic bins | containers | totes

Plastic produce bins, vented and solid sided, used in the harvesting, storage and shipping of vegetables, fruits, and tree nuts.

Typical content packed in: Plastic bins | containers | totes

  • Chili peppers
  • Onions
  • Pecans
  • Pumpkins
  • Watermelons

Product details in brief

Harvest containers and totes

Harvest containers and totes are specially designed to optimize efficiency and minimize waste for growers and packers. Our harvest containers are top-quality, high-pressure injection-molded plastic bins and totes made with FDA-approved materials. Constructed of 100% polypropylene, our bins and totes are extremely durable and long-lasting. Macro bins surpass alternative wood bins with their superior sanitation, increased ventilation, and weight reduction of up to 40%. The rounded corners and smooth interior of our containers protect your produce and reduce damage during fieldwork and transportation, leading to less wasted food! With ventilation slots throughout the bin, airflow is improved and heat absorption is reduced, keeping your produce cool and enhancing shelf life and quality! Our harvest containers also feature a unique foot design that enables them to interlock with the bins below them, providing secure and consistent stacking. Additionally, our bins are forklift compatible on each side, which, in conjunction with the interlocking foot design, results in freight-friendly containers that are easy to load. Designed for longevity, our containers can be reused for many years. When they reach the end of their life, the plastic bins and totes are easily recyclable.

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