Transit packaging

Transit packaging includes: angle board (or corner board protector) for load securing, Top-Guard® (stretch sleeve of cotton) and Liqui-sorb® (moisture absorbing blanket).

Typical content packed in: Transit packaging

  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes

Product details in brief

Angle board

Angle board (also known as edge board or edge protector) serves to protect vulnerable corners or edges, to stabilise pallet loads and to create units or unit loads. Corner protection can be combined with strapping or protective film. Our corner protectors also serve to protect against cuts from strapping. The range includes standard, water-proof and water resistant types.

Liqui-Sorb®, absorbent blanket

Liqui-Sorb® is a moisture-absorbing blanket developed by NNZ used to cover potatoes, vegetables and fruit products in order to absorb condensation during transport in non-insulated containers or lorries. This innovative concept, which won NNZ the Techtextil Innovationspreis (Textile tech prize), is now prescribed by an increasing number of buyers, particularly for transportation to warmer countries.

Top-Guard®, stretch sleeve

When loading and unloading pallets with seed potatoes, occasionally a sack can fall off the pallet. To solve this problem, NNZ has developed Top-Guard®, a stretch sleeve of unbleached cotton which can firmly hold in place, the top layer of a pallet of typically 50 kg bags of seed potatoes. On arrival at the destination, the stretch sleeve can be easily removed for re-use not to cause environmental burden.

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