Paper bags

Multi-wall paper bags are available as valve and open mouth style bags, constructed from multiple plies of paper with additional layers and coatings for added functionality.

Typical content packed in: Paper bags

  • Briquettes
  • Cement
  • Chemicals
  • Coffee
  • Feed
  • Fertilizer
  • Flour
  • Milk powder
  • Nuts
  • Pet food
  • Seeds
  • Tea

Product details in brief

Multi-wall paper valve bag - moisture resistant

Multi-wall paper valve bags are used for dry building materials and are constructed from two highly porous paper plies with a HDPE film ply in between. The high porosity paper ensures dissipation of trapped air in the product. The film ply acts as a moisture barrier. Valve bags are filled through an opening located in the top corner of the bag. Product is pumped or forced into the bag by means of air pressure, impeller, or auger. When the bag is discharged from the packing equipment, forces generated by the product inside the bag allow the valve opening to self-seal. The valve bag construction results in a squared-up bag, which palletises very securely and can be printed with product information on the side or end panels for easier product identification in pallet loads.

Multi-wall open mouth bag - grease and moisture resistant

Multi-wall open-mouth paper bags for petfood are constructed from four paper plies, with one of the plies being PE coated for grease resistance. The paper bag has a glue strip across the top which is folded over and heat sealed to close. For moisture resistance the bags have a poly liner which Is heat sealed before the paper top is folder over and sealed closed.

Multi-wall open-mouth paper bag - oxygen barrier

Multi-wall open-mouth paper bags for milk powder are constructed from three paper plies and one barrier film ply. The barrier film is EVOH based and provides protection of the content against degradation due to oxygen.

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