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NNZ 100 years

Reshaping since 1922, and we only just begun!

100 years NNZ

Libau pand 1923

October 22nd, 2022: NNZ 100 years

Since 1922 NNZ have been reshaping packaging. Not only by creating innovative solutions for our customers. But also by reshaping the NNZ organization continuously. Only this way can we serve our customers in the best possible way. Allow us to share the adventure throughout the decades of our journey since 1922:


1922-1930 Pioneering

Our 1st decade revolved around pioneering: Founder Rien Boot (1889-1964) brings the story of NNZ (Noord Nederlandsche Zakkenhandel) to life in 1922. The first branch being warehouse in Groningen called Libau, soon followed in 1924 by a building on the Hoornsche Diep in Groningen. Pioneering steps include: trips abroad to the Baltic States, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Also, the purchase of jute bags and jute cloth in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. In 1928 a turnover was made of NLG 334,000.

1930-1940 Explorer

Our 2nd decade revolved around exploring: Leendert Boot (1911-1972) travelled to every corner of Europe for business opportunities. In 1939 he even visited America, where he established contacts with a sugar factory. In America, he purchased paper and cotton sugar sacks, which he shipped to the Netherlands via the Holland America Line.


1940-1950 Dedication

Our 3rd decade revolved around dedication: In order to meet growing demand, after the war Leendert once again started his travels. In 1947 he purchased jute bags in America and Canada. Multiwall paper bags were added to the assortment and a joint venture was initiated with the American Chase Bag company in response to the development of Spain as a key sales market for onion bags.

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1950-1960 Reliable

Our 4th decade revolved around reliability. Reliable deliveries and business integrity drive the company forward. In 1954, Rien Boot’s second son, Wim Boot, joined the company. In 1957, NNZ had around 50 employees and celebrated the opening of a new location with the 1st jute printing machine.


1960-1970 Changes

Our 5th decade revolved around changes, the 1960s were hallmarked by NNZ embarking on new avenues. New packaging materials – such as lino sacks, multiwall paper sacks, cardboard, polypropylene and polyethylene started to play an increasingly important role. Following the departure of Mr. Boot Sr. on 1 December 1961, Leendert and Wim Boot became directors of NNZ.

NNZ First Jute Printing Machine 1950 1960 NNZ Foto 22287 Zaytlx Wim Boot Hr The NNZ journey 1960 - 1970

1970-1980 Rebranding

Our 6th decade revolved around rebranding NNZ. In 1970 Wim Boot decided to change the name ‘Noord Nederlandsche Zakkenhandel N.V.’ into ‘NNZ industrial packaging bv.’. This was decided because of the increasing international contacts and the product range that was no longer limited to bags but included many other types of packaging.


1980-1990 Geographic expansion

Our 7th decade revolved around the start of geographic expansion. In 1983, the company opened its first office in Germany, and two years later it opened its own sales office in Roswell, Georgia, under the management of Marco Boot. By 1998, NNZ had 100 employees, 14 international branches and doubled its turnover in five years to approximately NLG 100 million.

MArco NNZ Flexoplast Harlingen Woven net bag drawstring knitted net bag drawstring

1990-2000 Repositioning

Our 8th decade revolved around repositioning. Len Boot joined NNZ and repositioned NNZ as an independent advisor that offered the best packaging solutions for its customers and skipped its own production. He started a research and development department which led to a series of award-winning packaging products such as Carry-Fresh, Liqui-Sorb and Twin-Bag.


2000-2010 Visionary

Our 9th decade revolved around a new vision. In June 2002, a new logo and tag-line were introduced: NNZ the packaging network. NNZ grew into the hub of an international network of producers, packers, distributors, universities, governments and customers. From 2004, Len Boot, the third generation, led the company. On 11 May 2007, NNZ opened a new and sustainable office in Groningen for NNZ Benelux and the NNZ Group. ISO and BRC certifications crowns the quality of the company’s processes and products.

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2010-2020 Multinational

Our 10th decade revolved around multinational. NNZ is a market leader for transport, wholesale and consumer packaging for produce. The company continues its growth path in industrial packaging. The company reached a turnover of €170 million, employs 250 people and has 22 own subsidiaries in 18 countries. The company also has an international network of companies with which it collaborates in more than 50 countries around the world.


2020-today Reshaping

Today, NNZ continues to grow as a multinational packaging company serving customers in produce and industrial markets through its strategy of customer intimacy and service, with emphasis on sustainability and innovation in all aspects of our activities. NNZ has been reshaping itself, its products and services since 1922, and has only just begun!

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The credo of the three successive generations of Boot has always been: NNZ is first and foremost about people, secondly about people and thirdly about people. This vision of the company’s ‘personality’ has, of course, been largely influenced by the various generations of Boot. Entrepreneurship, passion, harmony and partnership are core values of the family culture. The Boot family is 100% shareholder, and the interests of the company always come first.

With our reshaping approach, NNZ focuses on logistics and packaging solutions that are better for the world, customers and consumers. Even though high-quality packaging is already contributing to our environment, the ultimate goal is: 100% circularity of packaging. Sustainability – or in other words: the continuity of people, companies and the world – is the connecting factor within the company. The vision that NNZ has always had on entrepreneurship is that you must be prepared for the future, be innovative in all its aspects, whether it concerns organisation, markets, products, you must continue to innovate. Our society cannot exist without packaging. We do everything we can to inspire our clients and partners with our reshaping purpose.

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