Ventilated Bulk bags for produce, Power-Lift®

The ventilated Power-Lift® bulk bags come with ventilation strips on all sides, ensuring breathability. Choose from woven, mesh, or combination designs in breathable fabric or polypropylene, suitable for perishable agricultural items such as potatoes, onions, and other produce. These bags prevent temperature shocks during transit, offering optimal storage and transport solutions. Need advice on the best packaging? Reach out to our NNZ customer service.

"Power-Lift®: NNZ's trademarked brand of powerful bulk bags your business needs."

NNZ offers high quality, fast delivery, and competitive prices.

Typical content packed in: Ventilated Bulk bags for produce, Power-Lift®

  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Potatoes
2021 Collega’s Magazijn Groningen (1)

Crafted with precision, our ventilated Power-Lift® Bulk bags showcase the finesse of advanced Polypropylene (PP) tape extrusion combined with intricate flat weaving. To elevate their uniqueness, we offer specialized printing options. Once adorned, each bag is stitched with care, ensuring longevity. Post-production, a stringent quality control phase is imperative; only after approval, the bags are organized, folded, and palletized, awaiting their onward journey.

Quality Commitment:
ISO 21898: Our bags align with esteemed global quality standards.
Hygiene Level 1: Manufactured in an environment where purity is paramount.

Bag Highlights:
Top: Choose from open, rashel, or leno skirt.
Bottom: Opt between a flat base or one with a discharge mechanism.
Loops: Traditional side seam or the enhanced tunnel sleeve variant.

From mosquito nets to a mix of ventilated fabric or a structure boasting 26 ventilation strips per side, all set at a robust 160 gsm.

Load Specification:
SWL 500–2000 kg (1100-4400 lbs) / SF 5:1: A testament to adaptability.
SWL 500–2000 kg (1100-4400 lbs) / SF 6:1: Crafted for substantial loads, without compromising strength.

Recognizing specific needs, we offer UN-certified bags. This highlights our commitment to safety and high standards. Our simple goal: to combine the best quality with practical use.

Environmental impact

  • Our Ventilated Bulk Bags are designed for recycling, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

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  • Choose Ventilated Bulk bags for their exceptional quality, to meet your construction material transportation requirements.
  • NNZ offers high quality Ventilated Bulk bags, at fast delivery and competitive prices.
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