Q-bag, Formstable Bulk bags

The Power-Lift® Q-bag, is designed with polypropylene baffles sewn across each of the FIBC bag's four corners. This construction ensures that, when filled, the bag retains a squared shape, preventing the sides from bulging or toppling during storage or transportation. Q-bags minimize spillage and optimize storage space usage. Ideal for packaging fine powders, minerals, chemicals, food, and pharmaceuticals, the Q-bag is a versatile solution. Let our NNZ customer service team guide you in selecting the ideal packaging for your products. For detailed information or tailored packaging advice, please reach out to us.

"Power-Lift®: NNZ's trademarked brand of powerful Bulk bags your business needs."

NNZ offers high quality, at fast delivery, and competitive prices.

Typical content packed in: Q-bag, Formstable Bulk bags

  • Cacao
  • Cement
  • Chemicals
  • Coffee
  • Feed
  • Fertilizer
  • Flour
  • Grain
  • Pecans
  • Pet food
  • Seeds

Formstable Q-bag

Our Power-Lift® Q-bags exemplify the pinnacle of production expertise. Starting with the intricate process of Polypropylene (PP) tape extrusion, each big bag is meticulously crafted through stages of circular and flat weaving. If our clients wish, we can apply coatings for added resilience, and we also offer bespoke printing solutions upon request. After printing, the big bags are stitched together with precision. Every single bag is subjected to an intensive quality review on a light table, guaranteeing no oversight in our commitment to excellence. Once approved, they’re folded systematically and readied for distribution through palletizing.

State-of-the-art Quality Measures:

  1. ISO 21898 Testing: An obligatory step in our production, this ensures each bag meets international quality standards.
  2. Hygiene Level 1 Production: Crafted in an industrial-clean environment, our bags underscore a commitment to unparalleled purity and product integrity.
  3. Food Contact Standards of Level 2-4: Beyond just hygiene, our bags prioritize the safety of the items they store, adhering to stringent food contact guidelines.

Tailored Carrying Capacities:

  1. SWL Range of 500–2000 kg (1100-4400 lbs) / SF 5:1: Engineered to sustain a varied spectrum of weights, these bags stand as a testament to reliability and safety.
  2. SWL Range of 500–2000 kg (1100-4400 lbs) / SF 6:1: A testament to our commitment to versatility, these variants are designed for more significant loads, without any sacrifice in durability.

Recognizing that some clients have niche demands, we also offer UN certified bags. This addition further emphasizes our deep-rooted dedication to ensuring safety and regulatory compliance in every product we craft.

Formstable Q Bag

Bag construction

Our Big bag construction seamlessly blends versatility with quality. For top designs, one can choose from an open style for effortless access, a filling spout for precision in transfer, or a closure skirt for secure containment. The variety in bottom configurations extends from the classic flat design to a practical discharge spout for efficient unloading, and even a specialized conical format for distinct requirements.

Loop placements offer the traditional side seam or the strategically balanced cross corner. Each bag is fortified with a form-stable liner, ensuring optimal product integrity. For baffles, we provide both net variants for enhanced ventilation and standard types for routine usage. Dustproofing, pivotal for many industries, can be tailored from a basic single layer to a more protective triple layer. Our fabric selections span from the lightweight uncoated option to the sturdy coated alternative, all within a density spectrum of 140 to 240 gsm.

And for those keen on personalization or branding, our printing can accommodate up to four vibrant colors. This array of choices reflects our unwavering dedication to quality and adaptability to diverse requirements.

Environmental impact

  • Our Formstable Q-bags are designed for recycling, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

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  • Choose for the Formstable Q-bags to ensure exceptional quality in packaging, transporting, and safeguarding your powders, minerals, chemicals, food, and pharmaceuticals
  • NNZ offers high quality Formstable Q-bags, fast delivery and competitive prices.
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