Conductive Bulk bags

Bulk materials can sometimes produce static electricity during processes like filling, transportation, and unloading. This static buildup, both within the bulk bag, Power-Lift® and on its fabric exterior, poses a risk. When in proximity to dust or gas, this electrical charge can create a potential fire or explosion hazard. To mitigate this, the conductive variant of Power-Lift® is designed to prevent such risks. NNZ offers this safety-enhanced bag in four distinct categories: Types A, B, C, and D. These Bulk bags are ideal for packaging materials prone to combustion, including but not limited to, food, pharmaceuticals, minerals, and chemicals. Let us guide you to the optimal packaging solution for your specific needs. For a deeper understanding or tailored recommendations, reach out to the NNZ customer service team.

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Typical content packed in: Conductive Bulk bags

  • Cacao
  • Coffee
  • Flour
  • Milk powder

Conductive Bulk bags details

Conductive Bulk bags production

The conductive Bulk bags production starts with extrusion of durable polypropylene (PP) tape. This is followed by flat weaving, enhancing strength. When needed, a protective coating is applied. Precision cutting and optional printing ensure customization. After sewing, a light table quality check confirms adherence to standards. Finally, products are folded and palletized for distribution. This process delivers a high-quality, conductive Bulk bag.

Conductive Bulk bags quality

Each Bulk bag exemplifies a mastery of production standards and meticulous quality control. The process begins by adhering to the stringent ISO 21898 testing, a mandatory measure ensuring that every bag aligns with international benchmarks. This is further validated by the obligatory IEC 61340-4-4 certification, fortifying the product's reliability. Innovative Fabric Options: - Type B bags utilize coated fabric, offering robustness against potential external threats. - Type C bags are constructed with conductive fabric, ensuring safe and static-free storage. - The Type D variant is equipped with dissipative fabric, offering an added layer of protection against static discharges. Ensuring Cleanliness and Safety: Production is undertaken in an industrial-clean setting, fulfilling the Hygiene Level 1 standards. Additionally, the bags meet the exacting criteria for Levels 2-4 food contact, establishing their suitability for diverse storage requirements, from agricultural to industrial. Varied Carrying Capacities for Diverse Needs: - SWL Range of 500–2000 kg (1100-4400 lbs) / SF 5:1: Perfectly engineered to accommodate a wide array of weights, they epitomize safety and stability. - SWL Range of 500–2000 kg (1100-4400 lbs) / SF 6:1: Tailored for heavier loads, they provide reliability without compromising structural integrity. Every step of the process, from fabric selection to the final product, is methodically carried out, ensuring that each Bulk bag stands as a benchmark of quality and functional design.

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Conductive Bulk bag construction

Every Conductive Bulk bag stands as an epitome of design precision and functional prowess. Starting from the top, choices abound – whether it’s the open top for uncomplicated access, a filling spout for controlled pour, or a closure skirt ensuring secure containment. The bag’s base is equally customizable, offering a stable flat design, a discharge spout for streamlined emptying, or a tailored conical bottom.

Loop placements are no less thought out. Opt for a side seam for horizontal stability or a cross-corner design to spread the load evenly. Dust intrusion is thwarted at every turn, with single, double, or triple dustproof layers available, safeguarding the integrity of the contents.

Fabric quality is paramount, evident in the weight range of 140-240 gsm. Choices of uncoated or coated materials cater to different protection levels. And with printing capabilities spanning up to four colors, these Conductive Bulk bags can resonate with both utility and brand aesthetics.

The interior isn’t overlooked. Liners such as the L2 offer antistatic properties, while the L1, L1C, or the onductive types address diverse storage needs. And for those prioritizing stringent international standards, there’s always the option of UN certified bags upon request.

In its entirety, the Conductive Bulk bag is not just a storage solution; it’s a testament to tailored craftsmanship, balancing safety, functionality, and visual appeal.

Environmental impact

  • Our Conductive Bulk bags are designed for recycling, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

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  • NNZ offers high quality Conductive Bulk bags, at fast delivery and competitive prices.
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