Bulk bag with liners

Bulk bags with liners, Power-Lift® come in a variety of materials tailored to specific applications, ensuring protection from contamination, moisture, and oxygen. NNZ offers liners in PE (with insulating, conductive, and antistatic properties), PE/Al (conductive, insulating, and antistatic), and PE/EVOH (insulating and antistatic). Allow us to guide you in selecting the ideal packaging solution for your product. For detailed information or to address your unique packaging queries, reach out to the NNZ customer service team.

"Power-Lift®: NNZ's trademarked brand of powerful Bulk bags your business needs."

NNZ offers high quality, fast delivery, and competitive prices.

Typical content packed in: Bulk bag with liners

  • Cacao
  • Coffee
  • Milk powder

Liner selections, attachment methods and filter options

When it comes to bulk packaging, NNZ provides an impressive array of liners, ensuring optimal product safety and preservation.

NNZ liner selections:
– PE Liners: Possess insulating, conductive, and antistatic attributes.
– PE/Al Liners: Notable for their conductive, insulating, and antistatic capabilities.
– PE/EVOH Liners: Designed primarily for insulating and antistatic purposes.

Attachment methods:
– Liners can be inserted loosely or be directly affixed to the bag.
– A unique feature is the provision of attachment tabs, enabling the liners to be either sewn or glued. This innovation ensures the liners remain securely in place, effectively negating any potential for accidental discharge.”

Filter options:
A flange or a flat dome filter, seamlessly integrated into the barrier liner. This feature is especially designed to permit (de)gassing, catering to products that are sensitive to oxygen, ensuring their integrity and prolonging their shelf life

Environmental impact

  • Our Bulk bags with liners are designed for recycling, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

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  • Choose for our Bulk bags with liners to ensure exceptional quality in packaging, transporting, and safeguarding your powders.
  • NNZ offers high quality Bulk bags with liners, at fast delivery and competitive prices.
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