1-Loop and 2-Loop Bulk bags, Power-Lift®

The Power-Lift® Bulk bag series, featuring both the 1-Loop and 2-Loop variants, is meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of material handling needs. Whether you are dealing with fertilisers, chemicals, an assortment of seeds, cement, or other materials, the Power-Lift® ensures that packing and transportation are a breeze.

"Power-Lift®: NNZ's trademarked brand of powerful Bulk bags your business needs.

NNZ offers high quality, fast delivery, and competitive prices.

Typical content packed in: 1-Loop and 2-Loop Bulk bags, Power-Lift®

  • Fertilizer
  • Seeds

1-Loop and 2-Loop Bulk bags details

Power-Lift® 1-Loop and 2-Loop Bulk bags – the pinnacle of efficiency and affordability for your material handling needs. Precisely crafted for the containment of fertilizers, chemicals, diverse grains, seeds, briquettes, pellets, cement, and more, our bags set the gold standard. Not only can these versatile bags lift single or multiple loads simultaneously with hooks or similar apparatus, but they also boast the industry's best price-to-carrying weight ratio. Dive into unparalleled cost-effectiveness and robust performance with Power-Lift® Bulk bags today.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Our Bulk bags are a testament to commitment and quality. They undergo rigorous testing in accordance with ISO 21898 standards, consistently meeting and often surpassing industry benchmarks. Every bag is manufactured in an industrial clean environment, highlighting our dedication to both the integrity and cleanliness of the product, ensured by our Hygiene Level 1 Production. Additionally, we take utmost care to ensure that each bag is suitable for Level 2 food contact, thereby safeguarding the quality and hygiene of the products they store. Varied Load Capacities: 1. SWL Range of 500–1500 kg (1100-4400 lbs) / SF 5:1: Perfectly designed to carry diverse weights while maintaining safety and reliability. 2. SWL Range of 500–1500 kg (1100-4400 lbs) / SF 6:1: Tailored to bear even heavier loads, ensuring durability and dependability. Catering to specialized requirements, we offer UN certified bags to ensure safety and compliance in specific applications.

1-Loop and 2-Loop Bulk bag construction

The 1 -Loop and 2-Loop Bulk bags epitomize precision and versatility. Designed with an open top slit, liner, and filling spout, they ensure seamless filling and sealing. The bottom can vary, be it round, square, or star-shaped, with optional discharge spouts. Whether you prefer 1-Loop (on pallet or roll) or 2-Loop bags, we cater to diverse lifting needs. The fabric's quality, ranging from 90-200 gsm, is available in both uncoated and coated versions, and the aesthetic is enhanced with printing options of up to 4 colors. Liners come in tubular or bottleneck styles, suspended or glued, and our bags' sizes are tailored to fit varying dimensions and volumes.

2021 Collega’s Magazijn Groningen (1)

1-Loop and 2-Loop Power-Lift®, manufactured through a carefully coordinated production process: 

  • The process begins with the extrusion of premium polypropylene (PP) tape, forming the foundation for the big bags.
  • Advanced circular weaving methods are employed to transform the extruded PP tape into a robust and long-lasting fabric.
  • An additional protective coating is applied upon request, enhancing the protective qualities of the bags.
  • With cutting-edge tools and techniques, the perfect dimensions for each big bag are carved out, emphasizing consistency and precision.
  • The bags can be tailored with up to 4-color printing, catering to unique branding or labeling requirements.
  • Superior sewing methods are utilized, resulting in big bags that are both durable and capable of handling various loads.
  • Each bag undergoes a thorough inspection on dedicated light tables, ensuring impeccable stitching, fabric integrity, and overall construction.
  • Post-inspection, bags are methodically folded to maximize storage efficiency and transportation convenience.
  • The folded bags are then carefully palletized, ensuring organized and secure shipments ready for distribution.

Environmental impact

  • Our 1-Loop and 2-Loop Bulk bags are designed for recycling, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

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  • Choose 1-Loop and 2-Loop Bulk bags, Power-Lift® for their exceptional quality, to meet your construction material transportation requirements.
  • NNZ offers high quality 1-Loop and 2-Loops Bulk bags, at fast delivery and competitive prices.
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