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Net bags for retail, transport and industrial markets

NNZ is a multinational company active in the marketing of packaging materials for agricultural and industrial products.

Net bags for the retail market segment


Net bags are available in different styles: Carry-Family style standup bags, mesh header bags, raschel bags, monofilament bags and the airy film bag Twin-Bag®.

Typical content packed in net bags for retail packaging of fresh produce: apples, citrus fruits, garlic, cucumber, lemons, onions, oranges and potatoes

Net bags for the transport packaging market segment


Net bags are available as wicket and non-wicket woven net bags (leno), knitted net bags (raschel), monofilament bags and mesh baler bags.

Typical content packed in net bags for transport packaging of fresh produce: cabbages, carrots, kale, leek, onions, potatoes, brussels sprouts.

Net bags for the industrial market segment


Net bags are available as woven or knitted monofilament net bags, woven leno bags (with SnapLog) and extruded tubular netting.

Typical content packed in net bags for industrial packaging of food, feed and non-food: cheese, chocolate, firewood, flower bulbs, mussels, nuts, wood logs and kindle firewood.

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NNZ offers sustainable packaging solutions tailored to current and future customer needs, understanding our customer and supporting them with a leading portfolio in focus areas, and fast, responsive customized services and advice. We are solutions oriented, customer driven and think out-of-the-box!
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