Other vegetables packaging

NNZ offers a broad portfolio of packaging materials for 'other vegetables' (beans, cucumber, ginger, mais, mushrooms, radicco, red beet, squash etc). These materials include net bags, different kind of film packaging, plastic and cardboard trays.

  • mushrooms - cardboard tray with Flow-Fresh
  • mushroom - plastic tray with stretch film
  • mushroom - duo-color PET clamshell
  • aspargus - plastic tray with topseal
  • mushroom - PET clamshell
  • beans - Flowfresh film
  • beans - flowpack PP film
  • rhubarb - flowpack film
  • corn - cardboard tray with stretch film
  • asparagus - flowpack film
  • radish - flowpack PP film
  • beetroot - flowpack PP film

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