NNZ at Potato Europe 2013: "we love potatoes since 1922!"

  • NNZ at Potato Europe 2013

Date: 13 September 2013

NNZ offers a broad portfolio of materials for consumer and transport packaging of potatoes: Carry-Vento® (film and net ), Folio-Fresh® (film), Carry-Fresh® (banderolle and net), Twin-Bag® (film and net), jute, knitted netbags, woven netbags, big-bags and paper bags.

At the Potato Europe in Emmeloord, NNZ presented the latest packages for potatoes. Sustainable packages made from paper and jute are becoming more populair these days.

NNZ introduced an innovative paper packaging: Paper-Vento®, which is based on coated paper and net. Until now, packing in paper has been done manually or on low-productivity machines. The new paper formula developed by NNZ welds like foil and runs on standard machines which until now had only worked in polyethylene or polypropylene foils.

NNZ, your partner for packaging solutions since 1922!