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Firewood and its packaging

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Date: 4 August 2020

Most of us like to sit by the warm glow and heat of a fire pit or woodstove outside or when the cold season comes, indoors at a log fire or log burner.

The felling of trees is a normal and important part of good woodland management. Trees and woodlands provide us with valuable timber resources, which are needed to make a wide range of daily products, and as a biomass for fuel and energy production. It is also key to sustaining a good woodland condition, managed woodlands are far more valuable for wildlife than those left unmanaged, letting in light allows natural regeneration to happen and wildlife to thrive. Woodlands in Britain are subject to some of the tightest regulations in the world. All woodland tree felling of over five cubic meters of timber have to be approved by the Forestry Commission.

We understand the importance of using good quality wood to help protect the environment; our net packaging is perfect to help aid the ventilation of your wood whilst being stored. Our SnapLog® net bag with drawstring are easier to close and can achieve up to 10% faster packing capacity (done manually). The bag is easy to open by breaking the SnapLog® the drawstring will stay intact for re-closure by a light knot. Here you can see how easy this works.

Kindling is perfect packed and stored in our mono net bags, this type of bag helps overcome the snagging issues that occurs when packing kindling in woven net bags, but still allows ventilation for the product.

Better for you, better for the environment

Woodsure Ready to Burn is a Government backed scheme designed to promote the burning of properly dry firewood – which means wood that has a moisture content of less than 20%.

Burning Ready to Burn firewood results in 75% less smoke emissions than burning wet wood – which is especially important when you consider that poor air quality is reported to contribute to the early death of over 40,000 people every year in the UK.

Ready to Burn firewood is also better for your appliances as wet wood can blacken your stove glass and build up soot in your chimney.

Chimney Fire Safety Week 2020

Chimney fires have steadily decreased in most regions over the years. January to March is usually the peak season for chimney fires, with figures identifying over 40% of chimney fires taking place over those three months. The 2020 campaign will run from Monday 31st August. Keep an eye out for the campaign and remember to ensure all your smoke alarms are working correctly.

Know your wood

  • Oak - One of the best firewood, but it does need a long seasoning period because of its density. It burns slowly, and is long lasting. Because of its density it does require high heat to get it burning well so is best mixed with lighter wood to get the fire going.
  • Birch - A great fire starter it produces a good heat output and burns very bright and hot. Birch bark makes an excellent firelighter and the logs are perfect for getting your fire roaring.
  • Alder - Part of the birch family it can easily be recognised by its distinctive orange colour. It lights very easily, but burns very quickly.
  • Beech - An excellent choice for firewood it burns well and long the dense hardwood burns hot and clean without a lot of sparks. Because of its high water content, it can take longer to season than other species.
  • Sycamore - Burns well with a moderate heat output. It should only be used if well seasoned, it easily lights and burns quickly with a good flame.
  • Ash - Many consider ash to be one of the best woods for burning. It produces a steady flame, good heat output and is one of the most abundant species in the area. It has a low moisture content even when green, but is still best when seasoned. It burns slowly and for a long time.
  • Cherry – has an amazing sweet aroma, when burning it can spark a bit so extra care should be taken. It burns well and gives off a good heat.

At NNZ we would normally be getting ready to attend the bi annual APF show; due to the coronavirus, this has now been postponed. We look forward to attending the show on the rescheduled dates 23-25 September 2021.The APF Exhibition is the UK’s largest forestry, woodland, arboriculture, fencing, biomass, trees and timber exhibition. It attracts 320 exhibitors and over 20 000 visitors you can get more information here https://www.apfexhibition.co.uk/apf-exhibition

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NNZ offers a broad portfolio of packaging materials. These materials include Net bags, Film bags, Trays, Paper bags and Transit packaging. Feel free to contact us for any packaging advise.

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