Innovative susceptor film fresh produce

Innovative Packaging for Amazables!® Potatoes

by NNZ Inc. and Fresh Solutions

NNZ Inc. and Fresh Solutions Network proudly announce the revolutionary packaging for Amazables!® potatoes, featuring a unique film that crisps the skin in the microwave while remaining cool to the touch, even though the potato inside is hot and perfectly crisp. This breakthrough, developed through intensive collaboration, ensures a superior eating experience.

The development process was expertly guided by Steve Greenfield from NNZ Inc., ensuring the project’s success from concept to commercialization. The packaging is #1 recyclable, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

The Amazables!® potato, wrapped in this innovative film using Krisp Film Technology, represents a significant advancement in produce packaging. Showcased at the Southeastern Produce Council Tradeshow, it has generated significant interest from retailers and food services, heralding a new era for microwaveable potatoes thanks to its unique features and environmental benefits.

Rethinking your produce packaging?

Contact Information
Steve Greenfield, Director of Marketing and Sales at NNZ Inc.
Tel: +1 770 921 9210

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