Lene Hultén and Viktor Stenmark NNZ

NNZ Scandinavia announces the opening of NNZ Finland OY

The Opening of NNZ Finland OY, Expanding Presence in the Nordic Region

As of January 1st, 2024, NNZ Scandinavia ApS has successfully acquired the industrial division of the Finnish family-owned business Jubilo, marking a significant expansion within the Nordic packaging market. This acquisition is a proof of our dedication to quality and innovation and doubles NNZ’s market share in Finland.

The present location, Espoo, Finland, is well-known for its high-quality industrial packaging. We are pleased to announce that Viktor Stenmark will lead the FIBC industrial division, bringing his renowned expertise and leadership to the forefront. Birgitte Chrintz will continue leading the retail division.

Lene Hultén, Managing Director of NNZ Scandinavia, comments on this milestone: «This expansion represents a new step forward in innovation, quality and brings us a step closer to our devoted Finnish customers. It’s essential for maintaining the momentum in our transformation towards a circular economy in the individual Nordic countries. Moreover, with this expansion, we now have a comprehensive presence across the Nordic region, allowing us to provide localized services more effectively.»

For more information, please connect to our office in Odense, Denmark.
NNZ Scandinavia ApS
C.F. Tietgens Boulevard 20
DK 5220  Odense
+45 70206867


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