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  • Worldwide coverage
  • Focus on local
  • Broad portfolio
  • Innovative trendsetter
  • Customized packaging
  • Reliable & ethical
  • Sustainable & social-minded
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NNZ, a multinational company. Its employees create packaging solutions for their clients in the agricultural sector. Since 1922, our success lies in establishing lasting partnerships with our employees, customers and suppliers. To experience and propagate this together we focus on creating a sustainable platform. 

Worldwide network NNZ is a a social and market-oriented company with the immediate aim of creating packaging solutions for its customers by means of a worldwide network in the fruit and vegetable and industrial sector. That continues to be expressed in our pay-off: the packaging network!

‘Focus on local’ NNZ has an international network of companies that it works with in more than 50 countries all over the world, both in procurement and sales and in the development of products and markets. Despite NNZ’s international orientation, our philosophy, remains unchanged: “focus on local”! Within that philosophy the centrally steered disciplines create the conditions in which the various NNZ establishments can perform optimally in terms of sales, logistics, service and direct marketing.

Long-term partnerships NNZ has been working on sustainability since its establishment in 1922. The company’s principal product at that time, jute, is a good example of this, but the personnel policy at that time was also tailored to long-term partnerships between NNZ, its employees, customers and suppliers.

Creating a sustainable platform To experience and propagate this even more together, NNZ’s approach is based on ‘creating a sustainable organisation for our personnel policy, our internal policy, the products we develop and market and how we approach our partners and the environment. We consider it is of great importance to the future of our company to continuously work on packaging innovations and to concentrate on meeting the quality standards set for the packing of fresh fruit and vegetables and other food products and the relevant environmental standards.

NNZ, your partner for packaging solutions since 1922!

About NNZ

NNZ is a multinational company owned and run by the family Boot since 1922. Its employees create packaging solutions for their clients in the fresh produce and industrial market.
In 1922 NNZ started trading jute bags from 'Pakhuis Libau' in Groningen (The Netherlands), the start of a family business with international ambitions. Today, NNZ has grown into an organisation with more than 250 employees, serving clients from offices in Austria, BeNeLux, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA. In close cooperation with our partners in 40 other countries NNZ provides packaging solutions to a worldwide customer base.